Makerspace for a Relocated STEM Library


  • Paul J McMonigle Penn State University



Academic Libraries, Makerspaces, STEM, Learning Design, Downsizing Libraries, Soft-Skills Development


A small branch of a large academic library is in the process of moving locations from one area of campus to another. Although the new space is drastically smaller than what they currently have, the librarian wishes to build upon the small maker area that was recently created for the relaxation and enjoyment of the patrons. With the SCAFFOLD makerspace design framework, this new area will be created using the latest research in making and learning, keeping inclusivity at the forefront of all activities. This paper describes the current maker area, what the plans are for the new space, and how that space will be designed using this new SCAFFOLD method. It is hoped that this project can be replicated by any academic librarian wishing to add a small yet useful makerspace while staying within their budget.

Author Biography

Paul J McMonigle, Penn State University

Assistant Librarian -- Engineering Instruction Librarian


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