Self-Care in the Library

A Case Study of a Multi-Use Space to Support Varied Campus Needs




Self-Care, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Library Spaces, University Students, Autism, Veterans, Lactation, Yoga, Mental Health, Medical Issues, Meditation, Prayer, Trans


Librarians at West Chester University saw a need for spaces where the campus community could engage in activities that require a level of privacy. These activities include prayer/mediation, expressing milk, addressing medical or mental health needs, escaping sensory overload, and changing or adjusting clothing. Lacking the space to create multiple spaces dedicated to specific needs, the library instead created a Self-Care Space, a flexible room that could be utilized to fulfill multiple needs. This article will describe the Self-Care Space, report on room usage, and provide analysis of data gathered from users. This data shows that the Self-Care Space has been both used and appreciated by the campus community, meaning the space has potential to serve as a model for other academic libraries.

Author Biography

Rachel M McMullin, West Chester University

University Libraries, Professor


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