The Heritage Hunt

Ten Years Later




Library orientation, Library programming, First-year experience, Scavenger hunts, Student engagement


In his 2013 article,  Professor George Aulisio introduced the Weinberg Memorial Library’s Heritage Hunt, an interactive scavenger hunt designed to introduce first-year students to the library. Ten years later, the Heritage Hunt program still plays a critical role in library orientation at the University of Scranton. In this article, the authors discuss changes made in collaboration with multiple library departments to transform and ultimately improve the Heritage Hunt. The article will describe the adaptations made to the orientation program as it has evolved and will also share insights into how to expand the program to broaden its reach to students beyond their first year.

Author Biographies

Kelly Banyas, Washington College

Kelly Banyas is the former Research & Instruction Librarian for Student Success at The University of Scranton's Weinberg Memorial Library and the current Research & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences at Washington College.

Marleen Cloutier, University of Scranton, Weinberg Memorial Library

Marleen Cloutier is an Assistant Professor and the Cataloging and Metadata Librarian for the University of Scranton’s Weinberg Memorial Library.

Jennifer Galas, University of Scranton, Weinberg Memorial Library

Jennifer Galas is a Library Systems Developer & Coordinator and Digital Services Web Developer at the University of Scranton’s Weinberg Memorial Library.


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