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Krueger, Janice, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Kulick, Natalie, Penn State Worthington Scranton library, Dunmore, PA


Lear, Bernadette A., Pennsylvania State University Libraries
LeBlanc, Robert E., Villanova University
Loomis, Evonne N., Northampton Community College
Lynn, Valerie A, Pennsylvania State University
Lysiak, Lori
Lysiak, Lori, Penn State University Libraries


Mac Gregor, Megan, Penn State University
Mac Gregor, Megan, Penn State Wilkes-Barre
Maccaferri, James, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Maccaferri, James Tilio, Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Massey, Meg E., Penn State University Libraries
May, Kari, University of Pittsburgh
McCleary, Melissa A., Clarion University of Pennsylvania
McColl, Ron, Alvernia University
McDevitt, Theresa, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
McGeary, Bryan James, Dickinson College
McGeary, Bryan James, Ohio University
McGeary, Bryan James, Pennsylvania State University
McGeary, Bryan James, University of Pittsburgh
McMullin, Rachel, West Chester University
Messersmith, Bethany, Southwest Baptist University
Miller, Mindi, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Miller, Rebekah S., Duquesne University
Miller, Richard C., Osterhout Free Library
Mross, Emily L., Penn State University, Harrisburg Campus
Mross, Emily Lauren, Penn State University, Harrisburg Campus


Nelson, Elizabeth, Penn State University Libraries
Neyer, Linda
Neyer, Linda, Bloomsburg University
Neyer, Linda, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Neyer, Linda Susan, Bloomsburg University
Nofziger, Cinda, University of Michigan
Novotny, Eric, University Libraries, Penn State University


O'Hara, Ian, Weinberg Memorial Library University of Scranton
Orner, Sylvia, University of Scranton


Parkinson, Mary Beth, Montgomery County Community College
Peña, Carlos, University of Pittsburgh
Pennucci, Stephanie Sweeney, Millersville University
Perkins, Roseanne, Professor at Kutztown University PhD student at Lehigh University
Peucker, Paul, Moravian Archives Bethlehem
Phillips, Kat, Penn State University Libraries
Pinter, Anthony T, College of Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University
Porterfield, Julie M., Penn State University Libraries
Pritt, Andrea, Penn State Harrisburg
Puterbaugh, Mark Douglas, Eastern University


Quintiliano, Barbara, Villanova university


Reed, Robyn B., The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Harrell Health Sciences Library: Research and Learning Commons
Reichart, Betsy, Penn Foster College

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